Nye SuperChargere i 2021

5. Jan 2021 af Kim Lundberg Stegenborg Madsen

Foreningen har i dag modtaget følgende information fra Teslas Manager for Content and Programs, i Sverige, Danmark og Finland om nye SuperChargere, der vil blive opstillet i år:

Tesla is announcing extensive growth ambitions for the Supercharger network in 2021. We expect to open 9 new V3-Supercharger stations in Denmark next year with around 100 new stalls. Here you can see the targeted places. This means that our current network and number of stalls plan to grow by more than 70 percent in one year.


City Supercharging

Charging overnight at home is the best and easiest way to make sure an electric car has enough range to get around in everyday life. Not everyone has a permanent parking space or the opportunity to charge where they live.
As part of our goal to make Tesla ownership possible for everyone, including those who do not have the opportunity to recharge at home or at work, we are now expanding our Supercharger network to some city close and urban areas. The City Supercharging program is a test to see if Supercharging can be part of the solution that makes it easier to be an electric car owner in the cities. For the first time, Tesla is now announcing plans for a Supercharger station close to the city center of Copenhagen and Aarhus with an expected opening in 2021.
At the same time, Tesla continues the development of the Supercharger network in Denmark in general, with the aim of making it easier to travel on all-electric long-distance trips in the country and cross the borders to 28 European countries. Tesla has by today 11 Supercharger stations with a total of 150 stalls in Denmark.


V3 Supercharging

V3 Superchargers have an output of up to 250 kilowatts, which means even shorter charging breaks when going on an electric long trip in a Tesla. A Model 3 Long Range can charge up to 120 kilometers in five minutes on a V3 Supercharger, and a typical charging session is expected to be around 15 minutes.
With V3 Supercharging, the capacity between the charging posts is intelligently controlled by one or more connected cabinets. This puts an end to power sharing between two and two stalls, and the customer must no longer think about which charging station should be chosen for the best possible effect.
V3 Supercharging represents a major technological advance, and the European V3 stations have CCS connectors. All Model 3 delivered in Sweden support CCS charging. Model S and Model X owners can use the new chargers with the CCS adapter, that has been standard equipment for Model S and Model X since May 2019.


Facts about charging and using the Tesla Supercharger

  • Tesla delivers electric cars with a range of up to 652 km (WLTP). Almost 90 percent of the daily charging takes place over night or at work and covers by far the driving needs in everyday life.
  • The Supercharger network is designed for long-distance travel, and the stations are located along important travel routes for easy and efficient charging.
  • By using the car's navigation, it calculates how much you need to charge to get safely to where you are going. The automatic charging planner also works on long distance trips, for example if you want to travel on holiday in Europe.
  • On-Route Battery Warmup allows the car to automatically ensure that the battery temperature is optimized before arriving at the Supercharger station. This can reduce the charging time by up to 25%.
  • The owner can follow the charge via the Tesla app and receive automatic notification on his smartphone when the car has charged enough to continue the journey.
More information here:
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Maria Lantz
Manager, Content and Programs, Sweden, Denmark, Finland

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