14/08-2021: Tesla Camper Day

26. Jul 2021 af Kim Lundberg Stegenborg Madsen

A warm welcome to join the world wide Tesla Camper Day Event!

Spend the night in your own private Tesla hotel with camp mode on! Enjoy the company of others or escape to amazing scenery location.

During the evening you get to share the moments with the other Tesla campers on the event’s YouTube Live channel - can’t wait to feel the atmosphere of the global event! Hopefully we get to see greetings from every participating country!

During the evening we will have many prizes to draw between the participants- in addition, there will be for example an EV quiz and special guest stars!

Now you can also buy the Official Tesla Camper Day T-shirts (links below)!

The event starts at 9pm (UTC+2) on 14th-15th August 2021.

The Agenda:

  • Welcome
  • Greetings from different countries
  • Ev Quiz
  • Special guest stars during the evening
  • Win special prizes
  • Free chat

The Official Tesla Camper Day T-shirts:
T-shirt for women
T-shirt for men

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Pris: Gratis

Tidspunkt: 14/08-2021 kl. 21:00

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